"Vampiress" by Boris Vallejo


About the woman behind the Tolkienistic name:

I'm "ancient" - and a Gemini
(born end of May 1961)
My favorite pastimes are: 
writing (duh!), 
& spending time with my family
(not necessarily in that order)

My other favorites are:

foods: most of them

authors (by catagory):  
horror - Stephen King
fantasy - Anne McCaffrey,
Sherrilyn Kenyon & JRR Tolkien
sci~fi - Ray Bradbury & Frank Herbert
romance - Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
& Johanna Lindsey 
fiction - Kurt Vonnegut & William Kotzwinkle
children's - Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein & 
J.K. Rowling
(but I'll read anything - if it doesn't move fast enough)

music: just about anything - (see photos below)
my hubby & I have
over 300 lp's, over 200 tapes, and apx. 100 CD's
(and growing)
In "the collection", we have: 
heavy metal, 
...even a little (VERY little) rap  

Vinyl (that's a 5-foot-long hockey stick, by the way - and it, like the albums, touches the wall to the right)

Tapes & CD's (we've added LOTS more CD's since this shot)

I'm tall and have brown eyes All else is subject to change - especially hair color (But, as my daughter has put it, I have a "blonde brain". Always have had, always will, no matter what color actually adorns my skull) I speak English, some French and American Sign Language - but almost NO Spanish (to benefit those who've been emailing me in Spanish *grin*) If there's anything I've missed, leave me a message, as I check my guestbook often and my e-mail daily. I can also be found under my "real name" at Facebook. Hunt for Debi Emmons. Thanks for coming to visit!

Galadriel's Links

Friend's Sites:

Rabe Gallon's Deathism Homepage: A well put-together site by a special young man, no matter what your religious beliefs

Anne and Mooky's Page: Another nice site by a good friend (love the bear)

Welcome to my Dreaming: A truly beautiful page by a truly beautiful friend who calls herself Yashti

Chuck Elliot's Bubblewrap: For something fun to do when you're bored....lol (I love the Manic Mode)

"Gandalf meets the Nazgul" by Angus

Other sites I visit often:

EBooks on the Net: An electronic publisher originally from Maine (My first novel, a preview of which can be found among these pages, was originally put up for sale as an ebook in December 1999, but became a paperback in February 2008!)

Amazon.com: So you said you want to buy one of my favorite books (or mine), but don't have time to drive to the mall?

Sherrilyn Kenyon's website: One of my new favorite authors, who has quite a collection of written books and an introduction to her characters. Thinking of doing a site like this of my own....

Brain Candy: A good place to be mentally challenged

Lenny Loosejocks at Ezone : A fun game site that I enjoy with my kids (Lenny makes even a normal man look like Einstein!)

The American Sign Language browser: for anyone who would like to know how to talk to the hearing-impaired (Thanks, Imaginique, for sending me this one)

Joe Cartoon:Fish, gerbils, and a whole lot more......entertainment

The Official Luis Royo Site:The place where I find Luis Royo's artwork, some of which also has been used on my site

The Artwork of Boris Vallejo : The location for some truly tremendous artwork by a real master - much of which graces my site

Off The Mark : A really funny cartoon site by a Maine artist

The Onion : the best source I've found for "news" - and a great weekly horoscope.....*evil grin*

I Can Has Cheezburger (dot com) : Introduced to me by my son, it has become a daily visit for a good laugh